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The Gelato Rules

As many of you might have seen on either Facebook or Instagram, I recently decided I will release a blog with my definitive ranking a handful of the gelaterias here in Vienna.


In order to do this, I have laid out a few rules for myself. They are as follows:

  • The said gelateria must be located in Vienna - any gelato consumed while on further travels cannot count toward the top countdown. 
  • I must either get haselnuss (hazelnut) or erdbeer (strawberry). I decided to do these two flavors because (1) almost all of the shops around here have these two flavors (2) they're a good contrast in flavors (3) I enjoy these flavors. Typically I get both in order to get the full experience. Also because I love gelato.
  • There are several things I am looking for whilst trying different gelato. I narrowed it down to six categories. (1) taste - obviously (2) amount of flavor selections (3) scoop size (4) price (5) location of the shop, relative to myself and the city center (6) design - not of the gelato, but of the shop. I am a designer, after all.

It may take me a good deal of time to collect all of my very important data, so expect it to be a few weeks before you see the final product of my hard work. In the mean time, I will continue to bore you with updates of my trip and what I have accomplished on my travels. I have grand plans of trying several this afternoon, then coming back and blogging on my past weeks travels. Exciting things coming your way! Until then!

Bis Bald!


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