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Gotta Catch 'Em All, No Matter the Consequence

So, as many of you have heard, a new app called Pokémon Go was recently released and has taken the world by storm. I, like much of the population, have downloaded said app and subsequently become mildly obsessed with walking around catching Pokémon.

For example: the other day, I was walking around the canal and I came across three Pokéstops close together, and each one had pink petals coming from them - a lure for Pokémon! Naturally, I stayed close and caught Pokémon left and right. Not long after, there were probably 20 people standing around on their phones, doing the same as me. The game is popular to say the least.

I'm sure many of you have heard stories of people doing crazy things for this game - getting in wrecks, running into malls in hoards, getting trapped random places like the OU Stadium.

Well, today, I would like to share my Pokéstory with you. My name is Leah Sikes and I got trapped in the Lichtenstein embassy while catching Pokémon (or so I thought - more on that later).


There is a nice little park near Das Mill, and if you walk through the park, there's a little gelateria not far. So, one evening, I thought it would be nice to go for a walk, catch 'em all and then reward myself with some gelato at the end of it. I got a little more involved in catching Pokémon than I intended to, as I found a lure attached to a fountain in the middle of the garden. 

I spent a good deal of time walking in circles around the fountain, catching all sorts of water Pokémon and waiting for the shadow of the Starmie I saw nearby to make itself known (which never happened). I did, however, catch many Drowzee, Rattata and Pidgey, as per usual. 

After I decided the Starmie was never going to appear, I turned back to head out - and the gates were closed and locked. I put away my phone and started paying a little more attention to my surroundings (as the game warns you to do at the beginning...). I spent the next fifteen minutes frantically walking around, checking all the gates, shaking them, trying to pull them open with no success. At the back of the park, I could see the main street, and I watched the people walking by without a care in the world, as I was stuck behind these bars. Of course, I had accidentally left my Austrian phone at Das Mill and could not call Bart (or anyone else for that matter) to come help me out of my sticky situation. 

Soon, a couple walked by and noticed my distressed face, and very kindly told me how to get out. However, everything was in German, so I thanked them and followed the man's hand motions, hoping I could figure it out based solely on that. I found the gate he was referring to but - you guessed it - locked. 

The one gate that led to my escape.

The one gate that led to my escape.

Still feeling distressed, I walked around to the other side and found an identical gate, but this time I noticed a button. The gate unlocked upon pressing the button. I wondered to myself if all the gates had buttons and I just missed seeing it. I could have been out much sooner.

I did end up getting gelato after all of that, so that's a plus.

Come to find out, it's not actually an embassy - I thought such as it is named Lichtenstein - but it's just a park named after a royal family. But saying that I got trapped in the Lichtenstein embassy makes my story a little more interesting, don't you think?

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