Leah Sikes



I have done a great deal of writing throughout my life, and it has always been something cathartic for me. Living my life in the design world, I don't get to stretch my writing muscles as much as I would like to these days, but I always try to keep up my skills and continue writing when I can. 

I'm using this blog to showcase some of the writing I have done, both for myself and for others. Here, you will find a sampling of a blog I kept while I lived in Vienna, Austria for three months, writings from my university newspaper where I served as an editor for several years, and my more recent work with WDW Magazine and Dad's Guide to WDW, among other things. 

I hope you will enjoy reading my work - I always look forward to my next opportunity to put pen to paper and expand my writing style.

WDW Magazine & Blog

WDW Magazine (WDW = Walt Disney World) is a digital and print subscription-based magazine run by the same guy who does Dad's Guide to WDW - I have been freelancing for both companies for almost two years now, including an internship while I was in school. I have written many news updates for the WDW Magazine Blog, several columns for the digital magazine, as well as other feature pieces periodically. Here are a few examples of my work for the magazine:

Disney Partners with Girl Up for Uplifting Campaign | Say Goodbye to Straws at WDW | BOOK TOMORROW: Epcot International Food and Wine Festival | Disney Releases 2019 Fall Cruise Itineraries | FootGolf Comes to WDW!



Newspaper Writing

During my four years at Oklahoma Christian, I worked on the school newspaper, the Talon. I began as a staff writing during my second semester, and quickly advanced to Assistant Features Editor before entering my final position as Features Editor during my third semester. I continued working as Features Editor until my graduation. 

I worked with a staff of three-five writers, assigning and managing story ideas, editing their work and writing my own feature stories each week. Our paper underwent many changes from 2012 - 2016, including ceasing our printed paper and moving to online only, becoming a daily paper, with a variety of news, sports, features and opinion stories coming out each day and finally beginning to integrate video and working with our broadcast counterparts to enhance our viewership. 

Though I primarily wrote feature stories, I often took on a news or opinion piece to round out my experience and learn different styles of writing. On the Talon, I wrote in AP Style. 

You can find all of my writing for the Talon at www.talon.news. Below, I have listed some of my favorite stories and included their links for easy access.

Women's event speaker to share message of hope | First OC professor retires after 64 years | Sunshine on a cloudy day: OC professors perform with The Temptations | I'm a feminist | Joe deSteiguer Remembered

Designing on the Danube

The summer after I graduated from Oklahoma Christian, I spent three months living in Vienna, Austria. During this time, I held an internship with Eastern European Mission, where I worked with churches and missionaries around Eastern Europe to create promotional materials and other items they might need.

I also kept a blog, relaying my time and work in Austria, as a way to document my life in Vienna and keep people back home informed of what I was doing. You can find the full blog at www.leahsikes.com/vienna-blog. Please note that the posts are in chronological order, with the oldest at the bottom of the page.